Hand-Printed Fabric- a perfect matchup for you fashion goals

Hand-Printed Fabric- a perfect matchup for you fashion goals

What if we tell you, that something that you crave is something that has been craved for even in ancient days. Or if we claim that something that makes your mood uplift is to have something that can make your Image way too foreground than what others can. Yes, you heard us right. Your fashion goals. Be it of any age, not only women, but people from irrespective of gender, color, and size ask for it.  

And asking for more, hand-printed fabrics in your wardrobe adds some different charm to it. Already started craving? We know! Because the hand-printed fabric is something that adds spice to any look, be it any season of the year. It gives you that royal, elegant, and stylish look with all that comfort that you've asked for in any desiring color.  

Hand printing on fabric is in existence since the 4 BCE era and has come down the line to date. And it is not just an Indian story but people across the globe demand for hand-printed fabrics to enhance not only their wardrobe but also to add some unique patterns to their home styling and appreciate art and the efforts made by artists.  

Due to hand printing on fabrics, a lot of extinct or unknown art forms have started breathing again, that too widely. Recent known and widely used art forms are like Saganeri & Bagru print of Rajasthan, Bagh print from Madhya Pradesh, Madhubani print of Bihar, Warli print from Maharashtra, Batik print originated in Egypt, Kalamkari print came into existence from Andhra Pradesh, Ajrak print developed during Mohen-Jo-Daro culture, Dabu print originally started in China and later developed and became a prominent hub in Rajasthan and many more.  

Prints, colors, and fabric that can be chosen as per choice are something that soothes one's heart just like the way ice-creams in summer soothes your body. Prints are done on any fabric like, silk, organza, cotton, linen, muslin and the list doesn’t end here. From heavily printed fabric to print distanced blocks on the fabric, this ranges in all styles from western to Indo-western to ethnic.  

In-home styling, beige-colored bedsheet with not that heavily loaded brown or deep red hand-printed blocks gives that one sophisticated and elegant look with style to your room that you wouldn't want to take off your mattress. This goes even with personal styling. And this doesn't limit here, but any color combination from a monochrome list, or known to play with several color schemes can either enhance the complete look of any print style or pull it to the pit as color does possess some unnatural powers.  

Hand-print on fabric is mainly carried out by very finely and delicately designed wooden blocks by different artisans, where they use chemical or natural dyes to print on the fabric and go through other processes to make it available for the people to cherish the beauty. Though printing techniques vary in different parts of the country but the match that these fabrics make to the fashion goals in all the seasons and colors, with the art of the artisans, nothing else does!