Tips To Choose Authentic Organza Fabric

Tips To Choose Authentic Organza Fabric

Organza Fabric

As we leap the ocean of fashion & style, we come across various waves in the form of fabric. Choosing one perfect material isn’t possible, as each is used for different purposes and elevates the outfit differently. Out of the pool of fabrics used to design an outfit today, we will throw some light on Organza Fabric.

The delicate fabric is the most adaptable one! It can blend with other pieces of cloth and is luxuriously versatile. Though fashion may change day by day, this unique fabric is here to stay! It will always be in vogue. In every part of the globe, the beauty of organza is recognised, and the most highly famous fashionista and industry experts have drilled the name of organza fabric in the fashion industry. This fabric is close to their hearts.

Let’s dive deeper into the ocean of fabrics and explore the pearl named: Organza!

Organza Fabric And Its Origin:

Authentic Organza Fabric

The elegant fabric is sheer & lightweight. Originating from silk, the beautiful organza has a plain weave. This fabric's outlook is shiny, making it a perfect material for evening gowns, wedding outfits, and other party wear.

Organza Fabric is exceptionally delicate; therefore, synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon are blended with Organza as they offer more durability and are prone to wear and tear of the material. However, the delicacy of the fabric more or less remains the same.

The word Organza was derived from “organzine”, which is silk made by twist spinning. Organza or Organzine is a Turkish word derived from “Urgang”, a place in Turkey that was initially renowned for the silk market. The fabric slowly and steadily moved toward the West and then made its place in the fashion industry worldwide.

Tips To Choose Authentic Fabric Organza:

The printed organza fabric is the most-recommended and trendy fabric. Let’s check out the several factors that determine the authenticity of Floral Print Organza Fabric:

  • No. Of Holes -

The hole in a floral print organza fabric is the gap between the warp and weft threads, as it has a plain weave. The more the no. of holes per inch, the better the fabric quality.

  • The Crisp -

Sound-You can identify the authenticity of printed organza fabric when you take a patch of the fabric in your hand and pull it apart. If the material makes a crisp sound, it is pure organza; otherwise, it’s labelled as organza and isn’t worth buying. The original organza is hard, stiff and slightly coarse.

  • Touch & Feel -

As the fabric is hard and stiff, the touch of the material tells you about the purity of the fabric. Organza is translucent, so when you touch the fabric, you can see your fingers beneath it. But if the fabric you are looking at is not sheer or the feel of the fabric is not coarse, it is an imitation of organza.

  • Bounce -

Organza fabric does not possess the ability to bounce. If you want to check the originality of the fabric, all you need to do is fold the piece of fabric and throw it on the ground; if the fabric does not bounce back, it is pure organza. If it does, then it's not pure organza.

  • Matchstick Test -

If possible, cut a small piece of fabric and burn it. Once burnt, check the smell of the material. If it smells like burnt hair, it is an authentic organza. Though this technique may not be possible to try out every time you go out but is undoubtedly the most reliable technique among all the above.


Shopping for Authentic organza fabric can be tiring, but the above tips are hassle-free. They will help you recognize pure organza fabric for the shimmery outfit you wish to wear on a special occasion. If you wish to avoid the hassle, you can purchase Organza fabric online. Hope this blog was helpful. Happy shopping :)