Top 5 Autumn Fabric Trends: Must Add to Your Wardrobe

Top 5 Autumn Fabric Trends: Must Add to Your Wardrobe

The best time to talk about Autumn fabrics and Fall Trends is now. As the season comes closer, the Autumn fabrics and trends of colors have started entering the market. Check out your knowledge about the materials used in this fall season and spice up your wardrobe by adding the below given Autumn Fabric and color guide.

Some popular styles followed in this season are :

  • Retro
  • Silk Shawls
  • Neon
  • Multilayer styles
  • Colorful Fabrics
  • Animal Prints

Here we’ve listed some fabrics that are highly used during Autumn which will keep you warm and comfortable. Also, we’ve tried to keep the Fabric style more timeless so that you can use them in seasons other than Autumn.

  1. Wool 

Wool being the most maintainable Autumn Fabric, is highly used during Autumn. Wool keeps our body temperature maintained and provides warmth to our body. Wool is the Autumn Fabric with the highest life, it stays for a long time. It is also light-weighted which makes it more easy to use along with being very stylish.

Clothing Items: Jackets, Trench Coats, Chequered Coats, Baggy trousers, and Sweaters.

  1. Leather 

Leather is one the most stylish Autumn fabrics and the biggest benefit of using Leather are that it can be used in other seasons as well. Leather when used in summer or other seasons adds up a pump of style to your outfit. 

With the Nature of leather being thick, it can be used to keep you warm in the Autumn. Leather is the second most used autumn fabric after wool. 

Clothing Items: Dresses, Jackboots, Full Skirts, Coats, and Suit.

  1. Silk 

Even though Silk is a thin material, it has reasons to be included in the list of Autumn fabrics. Silk is used more in evening styled outfits. Outfits made of Silk look more Expensive and gives a luxury touch to the outfit.

Silk is a thin and breathable fabric that is used to wear under heavy suits. Silk Chiffon and Silk Satin are a huge part of Silk being an Autumn Fabric.

Clothing Items: Long and solid dresses, silk skirts, Printed Trousers, One-Piece Dresses.

  1. Cotton 

We see cotton in winters, summers, and every season. This is because Cotton is very breathable and versatile. Cotton is the most used Fabric and can be considered as an autumn fabric as well. 

You can try to find dresses or shirts made of cotton and this will also keep you comfortable throughout the day. Cotton can be used for both formal and casual wear both. Also, Cotton is not stuck to a particular season so you can use it in other seasons too.

Clothing Items: Shirts, Jeans, Dresses, and T-shits (to wear under your coats)

  1. Corduroy

Corduroy is the next autumn fabric that needs to be added to your wardrobe in order to follow the trends. Corduroy is a velvet-type material and is heavy in texture. Being heavy and thick it keeps us warm. 

Clothing Items: Pants, Jackets, Two-Piece Suits. and Shirts.

We’ve tried to put simple and useable Autumn fabrics together. So, these were the most used and most trending autumn fabrics which will surely lift your outfit and your wardrobe.