About Us

We have learned a lot from our decades of experience till now and after achieving a very good response at the physical stores, Fabric Depot has decided to take a step in the online business world.

We deal all around India and in the both wholesale and retail sectors and have enough experience in them in the field of Textile Manufacturing. We try to meet all your fabric needs as we deal in all types of fabrics from material-based fabrics like Cotton, Silk, Viscose, Polyester, Nylon, Rayon to pattern-based like Hand blocked, Floral, polka dots, and abstracts to everything. We always try to find something new for our customers and list it on our web store.

Following one of our missions to spread the artistic culture of India and the continuous efforts of artisans and craftsmen with a touch of modernism in the fabrics and materials, we ship products all over the country. Also, providing an ethnic touch to every corner of the country, shipping all over India becomes strong benefit of dealing with Fabric Depot.

You can check out the shipping process and other various policies in order to avoid consequences.

Why deal with us?

  • Experience in the industry  As said, Fabric Depot have been dealing in the industry since more than last 4 decades, it guarantees the quality of the product and service that we provide.
  • One stop shop  No need to visit any other place, you’ll find all types of fabrics and materials at Fabric Depot.
  • Demanded quality product – The quality of the product will be maintained and the product will be delivered to you in the appropriate quality that you’ve expected and ordered.
  • Superior supplier service – With the help of our excellent delivering partners, the products will be delivered in the stated delivering time while maintaining its quality.

Wholesale & Bulk :

Our customers are facilitated with the opportunity of buying in bulk as we serve as a wholesale fabric supplier too, providing a smooth wholesale fabric purchase experience.

The Wholesale Fabric purchase and delivering is made easier with our shipping partners ensuring safe and timely delivery.

Our Belief :

“Delivering desired quality products along with preserving the Indian traditional heritage”    

Core Values that we follow:

  • Quality Maintenance
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Social and environmental responsibilities
  • Accurate pricing