Fashion trends 2023: colours and fabrics

Fashion trends 2023: colours and fabrics

As we look ahead to 2023, it's clear that fashion trends will be all about making a statement and standing out in a sea of sameness. Bold, bright colours will be paired with unexpected fabrics and textures, creating a mix of traditional and avant-garde styles.

One of the biggest trends we'll see in the world of fabrics in India is a mix of traditional and modern materials.
Georgette, silk, and satin will continue to be popular choices for formal occasions and traditional events. These luxurious fabrics are perfect for creating elegant, sophisticated outfits and will be a staple in the Indian fashion world in 2023. Cotton will also be a top choice for everyday wear in India. This breathable, comfortable fabric is perfect for the hot and humid climate and will be a go-to for casual, laid-back styles.
In addition to these traditional fabrics, we'll also see a rise in the use of unexpected materials in the fashion world. Sheer fabrics, for example, will add a touch of mystery and allure to any outfit. From sheer tops to transparent roots, these fabrics will be perfect for creating a sense of drama and glamour.

Globally, Denim will make a comeback in a big way, with distressed and over sized styles being particularly popular. Leather will also be a top choice for fashion-forward individuals, with sleek, tailored pieces being particularly sought after. Whether it's a leather jacket, a pair of boots, or a handbag, this timeless material is sure to be a hit in 2023.

The fashion trend of 2023 will also see a lot happening in neon colours. These bold, bright shades will turn heads and add a pop of colour to any outfit. From neon green to hot pink, these shades will be perfect for making a statement and standing out in a crowd. One unexpected fabric that we'll see more of in 2023 is PVC. This glossy, plastic-like material will be used in everything from jackets and skirts to accessories like bags and shoes. It's a bold choice, but one
that is sure to turn heads.

So, whether you prefer luxurious materials like Georgette, silk, and satin or more casual,comfortable fabrics like cotton, there will be a fabric for everyone in the Indian fashion world this year. Get ready to express yourself through your fashion choices – 2023 is the year to take risks
and try something new.