How Many Yards of Fabric to Make a Dress?

How Many Yards of Fabric to Make a Dress?

It brings another level of satisfaction and joy when you plan your dress from scratch. This includes designing your dress, buying fabric, and getting everything done by your tailor. Fabric plays the most important role in the making of any dress whether you are getting it customized or readymade. Similarly, picking the right colour, print and pattern for yourself is a crucial task. The final result comes out great when all these things are in place.

If you are struggling for picking up the right amount of fabric and thinking about how to decide the yards that will be required to make a perfect dress then you are on the right page. It can become a nightmare when you run out of fabric in the middle of the work. It can be worst when you are not able to get the same fabric. Buying too much fabric can be a waste of money when it will not be used in the dress.

Getting your dress done by yourself is also a plus because it can save you money exceptionally. You get a high-quality dress as you will be deciding the quality of the material for your dress. Also, you get praised by your friends and family when they know it is your craft. For that, you need to do a little hard work to get your dream dress to come to a reality.

Here are a few tips that will help you to decide “How much fabric do I need for a dress.”:

Decide the type of your dress:

It is important to have a particular type of dress in mind to decide the amount of fabric. This will make your task easy when you actually know what you want. There should not be any confusion regarding the dress and its style. The length and amount of flare in your dress will help you to determine how much fabric is needed for a dress. Your tailor can help you to decide the right amount of fabric that will be needed for the dress once he takes your measurements. Choose a trusted and experienced tailor so your dress can come out the way you imagined.

Enquire about the width and length of the fabric before buying:

Every fabric is manufactured in different widths and lengths. If you have a particular fabric in mind, it is important to know in what width and length it is available. The width and length you need will depend on the pattern and style of your dress. If you are choosing a printed fabric or a fabric with embroidery then you will need more width to match all the edges. Ask your tailor how much width and length will be needed to avoid any patchwork later. If the fabric you are going with is see-through then you will be needed lining too. So, you need to place an order for lining fabric also.

How to measure in yards:

Once you know what actually yard is and how to calculate it will be easy for you to determine how many yards of fabric for the dress you will need. 1 yard is equal to 0.91 meters and 1 meter is 39.3 inches. Each inch is 2.54 centimetres. No matter in which unit your tailor is taking your measurements, you will be able to convert them into yards. Most wholesalers accept orders in yards only and that should not confuse you. Now, that you know how to convert measurements into yards it will be an easy task for you.

How to make a rough idea about fabric:

Having a rough idea about how much fabric you will need can help you to look for your preferred fabric. Here is a guide about different dresses and the fabric that will be required for these dresses:

One-piece dress:

Depending on the type of dress, the requirement for the fabric can differ. If you want to make a flared dress with full sleeves then the requirement can be 6 to 6.5 meters. If you need fabric for lining then 5 meters will be enough. Consider extra meters if you are making accessories like belts, buttons or flowers from fabric. Casual outfits and A-line dresses need less fabric than Flared ones.


If you are designing your own saree then It will take 6 yards of fabric. You can add 1 meter extra if you want to make a saree belt as an accessory or want to add a ruffle to make it a party outfit. This measurement does not include fabric for the blouse.


The measurement of the fabric for a Salwar-Kameez will depend on the pattern. Fabric requirement for Pant style salwar will be lesser than Patiala and Chudidar bottom. Plain to full-length Kurta will require 2 to 4 meters of fabric respectively. Girls usually buy a readymade dupatta but if you want to make it from the same fabric then order 2.5 meters extra.


For a lehenga with choli you will need a total of 5 meters of fabric. You can add cancan to the lehenga to make it look flared. Dupatta can be bought separately depending on your choice whether the plan or heavy. There are many options available online and in the local market.

Let’s Wrap Up

When you start any sewing a dress people always have a question how much fabric do I need for a dress?  Certainly, it’s crucial to know due to pricing factor involved.

The major reason for it is you are not keen to rush the store again for the shortfall of fabric. In addition, you do not want to feel regret on spending extra penny on the fabric.

So Fabric Depot is here to get you the readymade collection of finest Sarees, Kurtis, Lehengas, Dupattas in multiple patterns and design. We are sure about our own manufactured premium fabric so can answer your question how many yards fabric for dress for sure.