How to print designs on your own fabric professionally

Learn how to print your own fabric! If you're one of those ultra-creative people, also publishing on fabric with a printer is presumably commodity you would like to explore. Learning how to publish your own markers with an inkjet printer, some freezer paper, and a simple design isn't that difficult. However, the principle is the same, but the volume and range of fabric vary as you use a bigger machine, If you decide to go big and bold. Starting out with markers is a great idea and easy to manage.

Some of you might not be aware about how to design your own fabric. In this blog you will find how to print on fabric professionally to publish the images directly on the quality fabric. It looks stunning when the print is applied on the fabric. Indeed, though it’s super easy to do, you can’t just pop the fabric right into your printer, you'll need to stabilize the fabric or it'll jam your printer. You will explore several different styles on how to print patterns on fabric and to round them all up in one place. Find some ways on how to get fabric printed include a perk tip at the end that you won’t want to miss! So explore some amazing methods that help you to design prints on fabric.

Find Ways on How to print your design on Fabric

There are 5 ways with which you can print on fabric.

  1. Fabric Printer
  2. Commercial Printer
  3. Stencils
  4. Stamping
  5. Screen Printing
  1. How to get fabric printed using a printer

Go through some basic requirements for this is to take a normal A4 Size paper or letter size design.

List of pre-requisites before to find how to print your design on fabric

  • Pure Cotton – if you have 100% cotton then it works best. If the fabric contains a polyester material it does not get you the expected print on the fabric.
  • Wax Coated paper – It is the same paper also called as Freezer paper and coated on one-side.
  • Printer Inkjet – It is advisable to use only inkjet printer as it is observed that it gives you the success. Try to read out the disclaimer and proceed further.
  • Vinegar – Get a white vinegar
  • Iron – Use the dry iron and not steamer
  • Fabric Interfacing – Assist to give your fabric more body if your base fabric is little soft
  • Soap – to erase any extra scratch on the fabric.

Go through the Simple Steps when learning how to print patterns on fabric with a printer.

STEP 1 – Cutting

STEP 2 – Press

STEP 3 – Trim

STEP 4 – Print

STEP 5 – Finishing

  1. How to design prints for fabric with Commercial Printer

You can create a variety of designs with the help of service providers like Fabric Depot. There are several ways on how to print on fabric professionally, including digitally and by hand. If you are not familiar with designing your own pattern, we can help you with this.

Printing on fabric is a great way to add a personal touch to your home decor. You can use it to make quilts, cushions, throws and anything else you can think of. The possibilities are endless. What are you waiting for? Take a look at our list of tips on how to print on fabric and see if any of them will help inspire your next project!

  1. Stick with simple designs
  2. Use contrasting colors
  3. Mix patterns
  4. Choose fabrics that coordinate with each other
  5. Use fabric scraps for fun projects
  6. Use upholstery tacks for added embellishment

If you want a customised design then we can help you with that too. We will work closely with you to understand what you want and how it should be put together. Once we have designed your pattern, it will be uploaded into our system where it will be printed onto fabric. This is done on demand so if there is anything that needs changing or if there is an error in the production process then we can correct it straight away.

  1. How to get a design printed on Fabric with Stencils


Prepare your own Stencil - One of the best approaches to print on the fabric is to use a stencil with the help of inkjet printer. Also, you can use the designs you use to print on the freezer paper. Once the design is ready cut out the parts of stencil we are going to print. With this, it will be easy for your freezer paper to iron on the fabric which works like a stencil.

– Shop for the good collection of stencils from the retail store available in paper, plastic and wooden.

  1. How to Print Fabric Using Stamping

It will be easy to take the print of your stamp and emboss the block design on the piece of a paper. By following this process, it gives a wide range of uniform design and patterns to add on the fabric. By using the digital printer, find how to design prints for fabric it will be easy for you to adjust the image and crop if required that fits the size you want it to be printed. Make sure to do a practice on the scraps and item should be colour-fast before the process of sewing begins

  1. How to Print Fabric with Screen Printing

Screen printing is a great way to print on fabric when you want multiple items with the same design. It is perfect for t-shirts and homewares. With screen printing, the image is burned on the screen and these areas let the paint through.

If you want to know how to print designs on fabric then it is a great way for the bulk designs. A perfect process to be followed for t-shirts and homewares. In the process of screen printing, the image gets burned on screen and then the remaining areas let the paint enter through it.

Conclusion for how to get your design printed on fabric

It is advisable to follow some unique approach if you are learning how to print your own fabric. You might find some misprints or wastage. But, keep all those handy if you want to work on creative project and want to use it at a later stage. Follow the best method which is suitable as per your requirement. Take the first step to work on a small project which works as a small gift once you learn how to get your design printed on fabric